End of Days

The Prophetic “Days of Eliyahu“; the “Day of YHWH“; the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble“; and the days that are now leading up to Mashiyach Ben David will be troublesome days of very great turmoil, man’s “weak and beggarly” justice system will fail him entirely.  Many will have opted for a global justice system that will betray them and bring evil upon earth like never before.  Very few souls have been able to avoid the dangers and comforts of Babylon, multitudes and multitudes of people will be in the “valley of decision”, others will have prepared knowing that the “fig tree puts forth it’s tender shoots” and will avoid trouble which lies at the door.


Yeshua cursed the fig tree but He also prophesied of it putting forth tender shoots.  In cursing the fig tree Yeshua cursed the institution of false justice, the Torahless Sanhedrin, the false governments of the people.  The false justice system of Babylon represents the international “fig tree” of injustice, the Torah Beit Din is YHWH’s authority on this earth.  The Governments of this world are run by oligarchies that “finance” and control them, precious few leaders walk in righteousness, most have been hand picked and bought by the power mongers.


It’s not only on the outside of the Household of Faith that big trouble is brewing, within communities that uphold righteous values the Beit Din languishes on local and international levels.  Men have chosen to play religious games to establish their “ministries”, rather than being accountable to YHWH, to Torah and to the Household of Faith.  The concept of righteous Beit Din is a distant or non-existent thought for many who lead and call themselves “Believers”.  The false justice system of Babylon has set icons of Hellenistic Justice in each nation that has been adopted by the “Believers”.  As much as Justice is failing now, it will be much worse.  The international court of justice is on the verge of bringing forward mankind’s greatest tyranny, and it will spawn YHWH’s greatest Judgment.  World powers have chosen to pollute Jerusalem with carnal man-made “justice” underwritten by paganism in defiance of YHWH and Mt. Tsiyon.


Mankind has also decreed that hell shall visit the earth.


Yes, the Prophets of doom abound, in the last hundred years the earth has seen two world wars that were nothing compared to what the next world war will bring.  How many nations would refuse to use weapons of mass destruction when fighting for their existence?  How many fanatics believe their god has asked them to kill the infidels?  How can people turn back the ongoing and bitter hatred that escalates each day?  There is no great work on earth where souls are helping one another reconcile with YHWH and His Mashiyach, very few care for anything except for their religion, and everyone has a religion.  Everything mankind does is selfish and beggarly for his own interests, whether it be his religion or his money, his time is used to fulfill his own carnal dreams as he races towards the End of Days.


There is a smugness among the worldly who use fear to control and market their cause, but these neglect one universal facet of truth, which is the very nature of fallen man.  It only takes one nation, maybe even one leader who supposes he can rise above his allotment, much like hasatan thought to raise his throne above the stars.  Regardless of what man thinks, his destiny has already been written by the two letter word, “IF”.  YHWH says “IF” you will keep my Commandments, there has most definitely always been an “IF” to receiving the blessings of Covenant with YHWH.  Mankind has made it’s choice very clearly, few will repent, many are begging in mockery to see “the evidence” of The Creator of the Universe, they will not be disappointed.


Knowing a bit of Truth about YHWH and His Mashiyach and calling oneself a “Believer” is of little consequence when most “Believers” have only marginal variations of “belief” between each other.  Most “Believers” have never even intellectualized the Beit Din, Torah requirements.  In their hearts many “Believers” have voided the Beit Din requirements as set forth in Torah.  Most “Believers” who claim to know Yeshua (Jesus) have nothing to say when asked about their role in establishing His Judgments.  Most will run to or point to their local Justice system for a resolution “in law”.  Most have never considered that Yeshua Mashiyach requires the household of Faith to stand along side Him in Righteous Judgment.  Most are passively waiting for good things to happen to them.  Most are way too busy to even join in this discussion.  Believers have no recourse of Torah based justice in their communities.  In most cases when restitution or reconciliation is required there are only more divisions and factions to look forward to.  Instead of righteous men who regard Yeshua before their own flesh and who gladly work together in the Kingdom of Elohim, most reduce themselves to gossip and whining.  Most refuse the responsibility and accountability to Torah, Mashiyach and their peers in the Household of Faith.


Most leaders who class themselves as “Believers” are accountable only to themselves and their selfish mandates to increase their “ministries” at the expense of others.  A righteous leader will not act as an Abimelech but will regard the authority of YHWH as given in the Ruach HaKodesh through a minimum of two other men.  Each soul must qualify by being Mighty in Scripture and full of the Ruach HaKodesh.  A leader who does anything less than this is hireling after his own selfish interests, regardless of the label he chooses to wear.  Speaking of labels, whether a Christian, Orthodox, Messianic, Netzarim, Israelite or “Believer”, the carnal flesh is what leads a soul to shrink from the requirements of establishing Justice and Righteousness in any Community.  Ours or theirs.  On the Day of Mashiyach Ben David the leaders are the ones who will be remembered the most, that’s a promise from YHWH we can fully trust.  The leaders of the Church, of Israel and of the “Believers” mock their office by filling their memberships with carnal jesting and worldliness, any who would “raise the bar” they will gladly kill with their wicked tongues.


If you do not have a mature and seasoned Beit Din in your congregation, why not?

You didn’t think Mashiyach shed His Blood to give something for social clubs to talk about, did you?


Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


The Judgment belongs to Elohim.


Let YHWH be TRUE and every man a liar.