The Prophetic “Days of Eliyahu“, the “Day of YHWH“, or the “Time of Ya’akov’s Trouble” are foretold to be troublesome days full of turmoil and travesty, man’s “justice system” will fail miserably (much more than it is today).  Many will have chosen to accept a global “justice” system (new globalism) that betrays the world and brings about evil and corruption like never before.  Democratic governments are the choice of the people, they promote relativism, tolerance and acceptance for all religions providing they are “moderate” and maintain the authority of the hierarchies they have become dependant upon (Babylon).  The world has put far away the absolute Authority of the Word of YHWH, each one does what is right in their own eyes.  Under the banner of “toleration” all manner of foul anti-Torah, anti-Messiah legislation and rule of law are being introduced in open defiance against the Word of YHWH.  Man’s justice system is powered by monetary interests, the root of it is the love of money, it is evil.  More and more power is being directed into the hands of a very small minority of wealthy individuals, in so doing there is no justice for the poor and the wealthy use their own self-made laws to get away with criminal acts against the rest of humanity.


The “new order” is posturing itself as a system of “justice” and attempting to force souls to give consent to all form of corruption and evil.  Pagan legislation gives homosexuals “legal” marriages, our freedom to speak about Righteousness is rapidly being eroded, even when one speaks of the “ancient paths” most cannot grasp the significance of Torah based Justice and Peace, they’ve already been taught against Torah, they think they know best.  Food and drugs are being manipulated and contaminated contrary to Torah.  Oppression of souls with low levels of financial wherewithal and education are normative in pagan society, the rich conjure up creative ways to enslave the poor.  Governments around the world want to extend honor and respect to homosexuals, these force their citizens to consent to false marriage and bear witness of evil covenants by wrongfully using their positions of authority.


Relativism is rapidly eroding the veneer of “justice” that Western Civilization once enjoyed.  The democratic world has borrowed most of it’s ideas about Justice from Torah, but is now looking to paganism for it’s new justice system.  Modern man sees relativism as a way to harmonize all men and religions together, modern man believes he has the answer to world peace and prosperity, however…


Relativism is the rebirth of Nimrod and Babylon


Relativism is based entirely on the purest form of humanism, self.  Men establish government, ministries, synagogues, or churches based on their idea of authority and application of “justice”.  At times there is a consensus of how to build religious organizations, other times it’s one man or woman who has money and influence who builds a religious or political institution to serve their own needs.


The basis of Yeshua’s ministry is to establish men with authority in YHWH, not in each other.  Not in ideas that are external to true Justice.  This is what sets Yeshua’s authority apart from all other leaders.  Mashiyach taught the “Ancient Paths” as sent forth in His Father’s authority, but relativism is “the new wine” in every generation.   The new wine has no flavour, no body, no substance, no richness, no blessing, it’s a socially driven religious policy that copes with sin and transgression and rebellion against YHWH and His Anointed.  All the “new wine” movements in the modern churches find their origins in emotionally charged socially relativism which is paganism.  This is not the Way of Mashiyach or YHWH, this is why there is a forever clash between YHWH and all other religions.  YHWH is True.  Religions that represent YHWH are false.  YHWH represents Himself according to His Word and His Spirit.


All social law requires a degree of tolerance based in acceptance.  Each soul who contributes to society must feel welcomed, accepted and valued for their personal contribution.  However, social laws dictate conduct and acceptability in themselves and some also protect relativism and paganism from being identified and rooted out.  Social laws require minorities must tolerate the errors and falsehoods of the majority.  YHWH has given authority and truth through a minority of people who are His Shlichim (Messengers), Prophets, Preachers, Shepherds and Teachers.


Leadership must base it’s values on the Word of YHWH and the halakha of Yeshua Mashiyach.  We must avoid tolerating things that are a facade of social acceptance and not Truth.  We reject relativism and promote the absolute Authority of Oneness and Justice in YHWH, that is able to bring Peace and Prosperity for all souls equally.  Relativism promotes the carnal flesh and instills a value for each one to do what is right in his own eyes.  Relativism is the road to anarchy and destruction, this has already been proven by Hellenistic society that self destructed due to immorality and self indulgence.  Western Civilization has not learned the lesson from it’s predecessors, it must now relearn a hard lesson of what happens when mankind tolerates paganism and turns a blind eye to Justice and Righteousness.


One of the most obvious indicators of relativism in religious circles is the denial of righteous conduct and judgments.  In many religious circles people point out certain individuals as being “judgmental”, what they are really stating is they prefer their own form of “judgment”.  In many cases those who see others as “judgmental” do so because they want to overrule another person’s judgment, or they want to deny judgment altogether because they themselves are guilty of similar infractions.


Judgment comes from YHWH, but He assigns His people to establish His Judgments on the earth.  Without clear differentiation between good and evil judgments mankind suffers the confusion of relativism and is susceptible to the manipulation of those who want to enslave others and selfishly hoard power and wealth for themselves.